Leaf Financial Services

Leaf Financial Services

Leaf Financial Services

Mortgage Loan for Real Estate

Purchase funds or refinance funds are available based on the value of the building or After Repair Value (ARV). We have a vast network of private lenders and investors that want no equity stake in your company. Terms are deal dependent.  Many current cultivators or dispensaries are leveraging the value of their building to buyout equity partners, buildouts, expansion to new markets. Debt vs. Equity has been proven to be more profitable when you have a debt loan in place of giving away more and more equity of your business.

Equipment Financing or Leasing Funds

Leverage your existing equipment to gain working capital funds or to purchase equipment.

Line of Credit

The best time to get a line of credit is when you do not need a line of credit. Can be used for all things related to cannabis. We have a few options here, depending on your need. This can be utilized in place of leasing equipment or used for working capital while waiting for your grow to be finished.

Merchant Cash Advance

Cannabis business with a minimum monthly volume of $50,000 for a cash advance of up to $500,000.

Construction/ Rehab

These type of mortgages are similar to construction to perm loan.  Purchase or refinance will be considered.

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