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Leaf Financial is the premier private money broker for cannabis investment properties

We know that thousands of people are continuing to pour into this industry, which shows no signs of slowing its growth. Although many industries, such as manufacturing and agriculture, are projected to see substantial declines, American cannabis is anticipated to produce more than 250,000 new jobs in the next three years.

Warehouses that might once have been expected to house industrial operations and storefronts proposed for boutique retail institutions will instead be filled by a vast array of cannabis-related businesses.

Here at Leaf Financial, we recognize the financial value of taking advantage of the opportunities offered by cannabis. If you are interested in buying real estate to lease out to a cannabis operator, give us a call.

If you have a client who is looking to start in cannabis—or you are interested—get in touch with us. We can help you with the capital necessary to make a play in this emerging market.

Cannabis (recreational or medical) is now legal in more than half of the United States

Cannabis is currently permitted for medical use in 35 states and has been approved for recreational use in ten, including California and Nevada. Cannabis is anything but a niche industry. In 2018, the cannabis industry was valued at more than $10 billion and was anticipated to exceed $16 billion in 2019.

Leaf Financial wants to help you find your slice of success in this booming industry by providing you with the lending solution you need to purchase industrial properties suitable for leasing to cannabis cultivators.

We can help you understand the realities of commercial cannabis real estate and avoid all too common investment errors.

To secure your investment and ensure that you have contingencies in place, these properties should be functional for uses other than cannabis cultivation or production. Industrial buildings, such as concrete tilt-up, are ideal targets. But no matter what scenario you have in mind, contact us today!

Leaf Financial Integrity Statement

We will protect your intellectual property with or without signing an NDA. We do not want any equity stake in your business. We promise to offer advice and insight to help get you licensed with also providing proof of funds you can share with the cannabis review board for licensing. We have a network of private funds available that will close your loan as a Cannabis-Related Loan. All lenders at this point, require a Personal Guarantee. In some cases where the parent company or company is publicly traded, we will consider not putting up a personal guarantee; however, they may ask to leverage corporate stock instead. We urge you to set up a conference call with your partners and us to discuss what is available at this time since new lenders are seeking us out directly now. There will be more changes for the better shortly with the legalization of recreational being a hot topic globally.

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